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Huevos rancheros

You know these days when you wake up super hungry but you don't know what to eat to not put on weight or just not feel full ? Here's the solution! I made it for a first time and it turned out to be soo good that I could eat it every morning!
The breakfast seems to be full of calories, but it is not indeed - it's just nutritious. The combination of proteins that come from egg, and beans with mushrooms ( the source of potassium, selenium, vitamin A, E, D and B!) creates an amazinly healthy meal that boosts our metabolism. And if you additionally put some chili pepper, you'll know what I'm talking about. Warning!*

Ingredients :

-  1 egg
-  1 red small onion
-  4 mushrooms
-  half tomato
- 100 g red beans
-  50 g canned corn
-  optionally half chili pepper ( i used the yellow one ) 
-  2 Tbsp olive oil + to sprinkle on bread 
-  1 Tbsp worcestershire sauce 


Pour 2 Tbsp olive oil on the pan and turn on medium heat. Meanwhile peel the onion and finely chop. Place on the pan, stirring frequently. Remove stems from mushrooms, peel and rinse them. Cut the tomato into 4 slices. When onion is done, throw the veggies. Fry on both sides, pour the egg throughoutly and cover with lid. Mix the beans with worcestershire sauce and add them with corn. At the same time heat the pan, cut the slice of wholewheat bread into tiny stripes. Sprinkle with olive oil and some herbs and bake on the pan until nice and crispy. Serve with chili sauce or Tabasco and eat it! 

*The basic dish is served with tortillas, guacamole and tomato sauce instead of tomatoes. This version is healthier! :D

Recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver's book 
"Everyday super food". 

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